I wrote this story in the early hours of today under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit….Read and be blessed.


I looked at her and was filled with rage. I couldn’t understand why she would keep such a thing from me. On a second thought, I sat quietly by her bed, pain gripped my heart as I beheld her on that bed almost lifeless. I said a prayer in my heart, God please give me a second chance.I promise to make a change and give this my all.

I had wasted about 15years of my marriage, I was lavishly selfish. She did all the chores, she took care of our children, she had dreams and vision to share, I was never there. I found it difficult to accept her person. This wasn’t what I wanted in her, couldn’t she be something more acceptable to me? She had pulled through by my side all alone. I starved her of the needed resources but she couldn’t be held bound. The vision is way beyond me. How dare I? How heartless and foolish I was to think I could carve out a vision for my wife in contrast to the will of God for her purpose in life? I had bitten off more than I could actually munch. I was choked, I could hardly breathe at the sight of my wife in that bed.

Who would do all that she does? The veil had been removed.  I saw  the worth and wealth of resources I traded for ego and selfishness. It was  slipping off my hands…

I got down on my knees crying….”Lord I repent!  Bring back my wife….”

The nurse came and led me out of the intensive care unit, it was time to leave. My children were with the grandparents… I went back to an empty house. It wasn’t a home without my family… I hard a rough night, I barely slept. At work the next day, I got the shock of my life…. The organisation I worked with for years decided to lay off some of the executive members of staff and I was the first on the list. This wasdevastating.Was HE (GOD)stripping me off everything? What would be the next blow? These were the thoughts in my mind.  I  was paid off from a well paying job. No one would hear this, I said to myself.  It seemed to all that I had taken time off for Dupe. The same woman I abandoned for 15 years. I got a hold of my Bible, the neatest book in my study. I checked on our children and left supplies for them at the grandparents house. My in laws are one of the nicest and most caring  people I have ever met.

Everyday I would sit by my wife, cried, studied the word of God and prayed.  I held her hand some of the time and slept off severally. I hardly ate. That went on for about 3weeks. I prayed, fasted, groaned just for God to bring her back. My wife had a study I disliked so much. She buried herself in there most times, studying and praying. She indeed was a good woman to me. The thought of losing her shattered my mind. I couldn’t take calls, my family members dropped in one after the other to  console and encourage me. The other side of the life I experienced was a real torture to me. I entered her study one evening, I discovered a lot of things, secret achievements, write-ups, I read through her diary,  I saw her pains in  black and white, I saw a safe, I broke it and in it was about half a million. Savings towards the next project. In my personal savings account, I had nothing less than 50million Naira and this was different from investment money and other sources or funds. I realized how much pain I had put my wife through. MY PARADISE WAS A  HELL TO HER DREAMS AND VISIONS ….


Hmmmnnnn….. Life became meaningless to me. My treasure was in coma. I yelled at that point…”Will you ever get out of it Modupe? I want to start all over again.”

I failed as a husband and father. It was now a month since I was laid off at work. I wasn’t thinking of another job. I got a hold of my self, I pulled myself together and encouraged myself. The strenght to hold on to God came upon me. Dupe had once told me of a project she’d liked to do to which I turned deaf ears. I was never even there to offer moral u ports let alone make financial commitment to anything she did.  Was I trying to bribe God? No, it was an act of faith. The project needed a physical building and I started out without informing anyone.


One evening I went to the hospital as usual, on getting there is saw my wife, she was being cleaned up. They were about to call me. Dupe had passed on. I grabbed her bed and shook it vigorously. I screamed my heart out… “No….!” Dupe had ulcer. My Dupe was gone …. As she was being wheeled out to the mortuary,  I heard someone sneeze and that was the last thing I knew. The next time I opened my eyes I was in the hospital bed. As I got up, a nurse walked in, a male nurse. He took me by the hand and held me up.

“Mr . Philips, I need you to calm down and come with me.” Ofcourse I was dangerously calm. All I needed was to get out of that hospital, find a way to inform family and friends and then prepare for her funeral. This was a pain I knew would never leave me. I got up and we walked out of the room. This nurse led me back to the intensive care unit and as we approached the door, I looked at him, the question  in my mind was ….”what was I going in there for? He gave me  a pat on my back and led me in. There was my Dupe alive again. I retreated…. He pulled me in. I said “what happened?” “She came back to life” He responded. I walked briskly towards her bed. The flash back of the sneeze I heard came back to me,  Her eyes were filled with tears. I knelt down beside her bed……

☆What a life….. The next day my wife finally spoke and said…” God said you are ready for HIM, I was sent back.”☆

The End.

☆☆☆Do I still need to spell out the lessons in this story? No one explains a movie!  A lesson for all. GOD CAN NOT BE STOPPED. Selah☆☆☆ Thanks for reading.

Copyright: Bukky Adediran 2017 (Fiction)

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