Hidden places, everyone has it. These are places or things about us or in us that are kept out of sight. They are the concealed and unseen aspects of our lives.

Take for instance, our rooms, closets, kitchens, stores wardrobe are the concealed places in our homes. Visitors don’t go there, even in some homes,  family members are not allowed beyond certain points let alone visitors. ☆There’s a major hidden aspect of every human being, it is called the HEART or MIND. Though some may enter your closets, but definitely not your heart. The only One who sees our hidden places especially our hearts is God Almighty, who is All knowing.

One major thing worthy of note about HIDDEN PLACES is that it is sometimes left UNKEMPT, NEGLECTED and sometimes DIRTY, because no one sees that place. One would rather devote much effort to ensure that places in public view are spotless and look divine while the concealed places are left in shambles, disarray or dirty. Simply because no one goes in there. It’s a restricted area.

The truth is this… OUR HIDDEN PLACE IS WHO WE REALLY ARE. OUR HEART WHO NO ONE SEES IS WHO WE REALLY ARE. So as a child of God, we must devote much effort to working on our hidden places. To work on  our selves from  the inside where no one sees. No one sees what we do inside but it counts. That’s who we are.

☆What do I do when  no one is watching? What do you do when no one is there? There must be a sync between the me inside and outside. ☆

This morning I want to encourage us to take very good care of our HEARTS. DON’T NEGLECT YOUR CLOSET. DON’T NEGLECT YOUR ALTAR OF WORSHIP ●Proverbs 4:23 says…Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.(KJV ) NLT says …●It determines the course of your life.

☆WHEN YOU THINK DIRTY, YOU BEHAVE DIRTY! Eat the word of God,  feed on it day and night…The word helps our heart. The Holy Ghost helps when evil thoughts want time settle in…you get a check and you check it immediately.

●Take very good care of your hidden places.  May the Lord help us all in Jesus name, Amen.

Bukky Adediran