I wrote this story in the early hours of today under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit….Read and be blessed.


I looked at her and was filled with rage. I couldn’t understand why she would keep such a thing from me. On a second thought, I sat quietly by her bed, pain gripped my heart as I beheld her on that bed almost lifeless. I said a prayer in my heart, God please give me a second chance.I promise to make a change and give this my all.

I had wasted about 15years of my marriage, I was lavishly selfish. She did all the chores, she took care of our children, she had dreams and vision to share, I was never there. I found it difficult to accept her person. This wasn’t what I wanted in her, couldn’t she be something more acceptable to me? She had pulled through by my side all alone. I starved her of the needed resources but she couldn’t be held bound. The vision is way beyond me. How dare I? How heartless and foolish I was to think I could carve out a vision for my wife in contrast to the will of God for her purpose in life? I had bitten off more than I could actually munch. I was choked, I could hardly breathe at the sight of my wife in that bed.

Who would do all that she does? The veil had been removed.  I saw  the worth and wealth of resources I traded for ego and selfishness. It was  slipping off my hands…

I got down on my knees crying….”Lord I repent!  Bring back my wife….”

The nurse came and led me out of the intensive care unit, it was time to leave. My children were with the grandparents… I went back to an empty house. It wasn’t a home without my family… I hard a rough night, I barely slept. At work the next day, I got the shock of my life…. The organisation I worked with for years decided to lay off some of the executive members of staff and I was the first on the list. This wasdevastating.Was HE (GOD)stripping me off everything? What would be the next blow? These were the thoughts in my mind.  I  was paid off from a well paying job. No one would hear this, I said to myself.  It seemed to all that I had taken time off for Dupe. The same woman I abandoned for 15 years. I got a hold of my Bible, the neatest book in my study. I checked on our children and left supplies for them at the grandparents house. My in laws are one of the nicest and most caring  people I have ever met.

Everyday I would sit by my wife, cried, studied the word of God and prayed.  I held her hand some of the time and slept off severally. I hardly ate. That went on for about 3weeks. I prayed, fasted, groaned just for God to bring her back. My wife had a study I disliked so much. She buried herself in there most times, studying and praying. She indeed was a good woman to me. The thought of losing her shattered my mind. I couldn’t take calls, my family members dropped in one after the other to  console and encourage me. The other side of the life I experienced was a real torture to me. I entered her study one evening, I discovered a lot of things, secret achievements, write-ups, I read through her diary,  I saw her pains in  black and white, I saw a safe, I broke it and in it was about half a million. Savings towards the next project. In my personal savings account, I had nothing less than 50million Naira and this was different from investment money and other sources or funds. I realized how much pain I had put my wife through. MY PARADISE WAS A  HELL TO HER DREAMS AND VISIONS ….


Hmmmnnnn….. Life became meaningless to me. My treasure was in coma. I yelled at that point…”Will you ever get out of it Modupe? I want to start all over again.”

I failed as a husband and father. It was now a month since I was laid off at work. I wasn’t thinking of another job. I got a hold of my self, I pulled myself together and encouraged myself. The strenght to hold on to God came upon me. Dupe had once told me of a project she’d liked to do to which I turned deaf ears. I was never even there to offer moral u ports let alone make financial commitment to anything she did.  Was I trying to bribe God? No, it was an act of faith. The project needed a physical building and I started out without informing anyone.


One evening I went to the hospital as usual, on getting there is saw my wife, she was being cleaned up. They were about to call me. Dupe had passed on. I grabbed her bed and shook it vigorously. I screamed my heart out… “No….!” Dupe had ulcer. My Dupe was gone …. As she was being wheeled out to the mortuary,  I heard someone sneeze and that was the last thing I knew. The next time I opened my eyes I was in the hospital bed. As I got up, a nurse walked in, a male nurse. He took me by the hand and held me up.

“Mr . Philips, I need you to calm down and come with me.” Ofcourse I was dangerously calm. All I needed was to get out of that hospital, find a way to inform family and friends and then prepare for her funeral. This was a pain I knew would never leave me. I got up and we walked out of the room. This nurse led me back to the intensive care unit and as we approached the door, I looked at him, the question  in my mind was ….”what was I going in there for? He gave me  a pat on my back and led me in. There was my Dupe alive again. I retreated…. He pulled me in. I said “what happened?” “She came back to life” He responded. I walked briskly towards her bed. The flash back of the sneeze I heard came back to me,  Her eyes were filled with tears. I knelt down beside her bed……

☆What a life….. The next day my wife finally spoke and said…” God said you are ready for HIM, I was sent back.”☆

The End.

☆☆☆Do I still need to spell out the lessons in this story? No one explains a movie!  A lesson for all. GOD CAN NOT BE STOPPED. Selah☆☆☆ Thanks for reading.

Copyright: Bukky Adediran 2017 (Fiction)

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Do not Judge!

Text: Matthew 7:1 (Do not judge others and you will not be judged.)

Isaiah 40:14 says and I quote,”Has the LORD ever needed anyone’s advice? Does he need instruction about what is good? Did someone teach him what is right or show him the path of justice?”

This message is simple and clear. Jesus said judge not that ye may not be judged. The truth is so many people are being judged by God today because they have ruthlessly stood in the way of God acting like Him. God has no assistance. There is no assistant Jehovah God Almighty. HE IS God alone, all by Himself needing no help exactly as it is expressed in the above scriptural verse.

We are representative of His Kingdom, yes! We can admonish, exhort, encourage others but God RESERVES THE RIGHT TO JUDGE.


We all need His grace and His mercy to live. We all have issues so, we should not condemn our fellow Christians or human beings because they sinned differently. Yes some one says the other stole and kept dragging his name, pointing accusing fingers all around, judging him yet in his place of work he falsified his age to get employed. That means he is a liar.



The least we can do sometimes is mind our business. God is He who sees the hearts of men and His standard for judging is very different from ours. We are limited in every sense. So, let us leave issues to Him, who is unlimited in every sense. Watch what you say around about people.

Thanks for reading.


How will I bless you my child?


☆☆☆Text: 1Thessalonians 3: 9-10 (9●We certainly had the right to ask you to feed us, but we wanted to give you an example to follow. 10●Even while we were with you, we gave you this command: “Those unwilling to work will not get to eat.”)

We live in a world where  people want to wake up and find solutions to all of their challenges without lifting a finger. No! God didn’t design the world like that, neither did HE create us to function that way. That way of life is absolutely contrary to the concept of life and living.

Deuteronomy 28:12 and Psalm 90:17 both says that The Lord God will bless and establish the works of our hands. So if we refuse to work, what will God bless.

The world is moving, it’s not static. Why should we be static? Why must we remain stagnant? We need to keep making good efforts at succeeding.  Some of us need to step out of our comfort zones, we need to realise that life is more than being a burden on others who are really working hard at making it in life. We need to strategize, read, prayerful come up with concepts,  develop them and work things out.

When you walk in the light of the Lord and you add productivity to your lifestyle, you are simple telling God that you are ready for blessing and you are ready to be useful. God doesn’t waste His resources on people who are not ready to help useful to themselves, humanity/God.

You are yelling everyday in prayer, “God bless me, enlarge my territory…. ” But God looks at you and He’s wondering… “How will I bless you my son? What are you doing? Where is the territory that is due for divine enlargement? ”

God is asking someone this question today.  Get up and get going…. There is work to do. These also we must teach our children.


Thank you for  reading

God bless you.

Let this mind be in you…


‘Let this mind be in you, which was in Christ Jesus…’ As seen in Philippians 2:5, you can read that up.

I was studying my Bible this morning and I paused when I read this statement. I meditated a while on this, it was as though I had never read this portion of my Bible before… The mind of Christ, His thought pattern, His attitude in relation to how He lived, perceived issues and dealt with issues while on earth. The patience He had and how He endured the cross, He even pleaded, saying ‘Father forgive them for they know not what they do..’ What a great love, incomparable love, pure and undiluted boundless love.

I said to me, can I imbibe the same spirit which was in Christ and allow this pure saving knowledge reflect in the way I deal with all issues in my life, issues with fellow human beings.Yes I can. This can only be done by the power of the Holy Ghost, by the help of the Holy Ghost. Therefore I prayed…’Lord dear Jesus, let this mind be in me which was in You, I want this to reflect in my responses and reactions to every issue, yes Lord.’

I thought to share this with you. God bless you.

Bukky Praiz.