The Crime Of Passion


I woke up that morning to the light of freedom, after two years of living in the agony of incarceration. Finally I became free. I stretched my arms out. I walked right through the corridors of what I describe as hell on earth,  into the life God had prepared for me. How did I get to that point? Let me take you through it.

Jide called me that evening and requested  that I  helped  him with some stuff. I didn’t know what it was. I ran off to his apartment. I got there and I met two gorgeous ladies almost half nude. He dragged to the corner..”What is going on here Jide? What sort of help do you need?”

And just as we were talking, I felt the arms of this woman all around me from behind… Some sensation ran through my system as she ran her fingers all  over my chest. Oh She smelled so sweet.”That is what I need help with.”

He ran off to the other Lady and by the time I looked back, I beheld her bosom totally unleashed. This was my weakness. I couldn’t resist. I initially had an appointment with a client after which  I was to pick my wife up from the airport. My marriage was just 2years old. After the rubbish, I went to my apartment with so much guilt in me. I wasn’t a serious Christian. What took me to church basically was because I needed a good wife. I found one while pretending to be born again. My relationship with Rita actually drew me to Christ and I began to love fellowshipping with saints of God. We got married and I moved a motion that we change  church. I wanted a neutral place of worship where my wife and I were both new. She objected at first but later gave in. I still pretended to be born again until I couldn’t help it any longer. Attending Sunday service became more and more difficult. Ofcourse Jide as a friend made it worse, we were partners in crime but along the line I  started to reconsider my ways but I was never strong enough to hold on to my self and move away from the disgusting friendship I had with Jide and away from my worthless living.


I had disappointed my wife too many times. She later got to know I was a pathetic Wolf in Sheep’s clothing. But she held on to God,  hoping that I would someday change. She cried so many nights but one thing I thank God for is that Rita NEVER TOOK OUR STORY OUT TO ANYONE, EXCEPT GOD. SHE WAS THAT MATURE AND SPIRITUAL THAT SHE BELIEVED SHE COULD SURMOUNT ALL THE PROBLEMS WITH THE HELP OF THE HOLY GHOST. Severally I saw and heard her counsel her friends on their marital problems and little did they know the monster their friend was dealing with in her own life. I loved her daily the more, despite my adulterous living.

“Please my love,  forgive me. Something came up and I had to deal with it.” (Hmmm…Deal with indeed… I really dealt with that thing…. Sinful man…)I thought  in my dirty mind.

I couldn’t get over Cynthia… Despite the fact that my wife satisfied me with everything, the only clause is that she travelled a lot. Her job required that. I couldn’t go 1 week without Cynthia in my bed. Before I knew it, I had practically rented an apartment outside school for this young pretty undergraduate. She was a student of Linguistics in the University. I had spent several nights with her  whenever Rita was out on an official trip. It never crossed my mind to ask Cynthia how she got her expensive car.  Obviously she came from a rich background but I should have thought, who would buy a three hundred level student such a car.That was why I offered to give her a more comfortable apartment because she already had a very good ride. My wife is very beautiful. Well endowed. But I saw endowment in another level with Cynthia. Even Jide questioned why I had stayed glued to her for so long. He had changed to several others after Cynthia’s friend. No girl lasted more than 3weeks in his life.

“Cynthia is my weakness Jide.. I can’t have enough of her. ”

“You’re stuck my man…hahaha… just manage it away from your wife…I have nothing to do with this oooo….”   He laughed and left me in my misery.  Two days later, my wife came from the hospital and gave me the news…We were expecting our first child. I was excited. I jumped up high and we celebrated the forthcoming of our child. I couldn’t see Cynthia for almost 3weeks …I had no time, more so my wife had no reason to leave town but we kept speaking over the phone. Suddenly, my wife had to report to a place far in the north for 2weeks and I had the opportunity to see my weakness. It was going to be grand, I thought… But unfortunately I  was greeted with another  envelope .

“I am pregnant Collins and it’s for you.” That landed on me like a big blow.


“Nant Collins..! ” I sat down quietly.

Suddenly I heard a knock on the door…And I wondered who it was… no one ever entered that house except me and a couple of her female friends. It was a tall dark man. He had on dark shades . He stormed into the house.

“Uncle, what are you doing here? ” Cynthia said out of fear…

I moved back.. The man had a stick in his hand, his walking stick. His body guard accompanied him. I didn’t know what was going on. So I moved away from Cynthia a bit, thinking it was indeed her uncle. THE MAN GAVE ME A STERN LOOK.

“Adam….! Cynthia yelled..” Calling the security guard.

“I took care of him  so never mind…He’s gone to guy me some stuff…”

“So you are pregnant for this fool….”  I  over heard. I decided to come over to confirm my suspicion without notifying you…

I looked at the man… Me Fool …I thought to my self…still didn’t understand.

“You made me use protection most of the times while you enganged with this fool unrestrained, at my expense. Despite all my time, money and care…Despite millions in your bank account,despite my plea. I told you I needed a child at all cost…. You promised me a secret marriage to give me that and now you are pregnant with  another man’s child.”

I was mad. I screamed…..Cynthia….

The next thing was that He raised his walking stick and  hit it hard right on Cynthia’s head. Blood… Blood Bloody… There wash a splash of blood. she fell to the  ground…He walked out with his guard and left the apartment. I couldn’t think of any other thing than to ressusitate her. I cried out her name so loudly …I yelled, screamed …shouted “help…” Her blood was all over my hand and chest… Then some people walked in with the security guard. A man and a woman…. Quite elderly.  I immediately saw the resemblance, looking at the woman… Same huge bosom.

“What did you do to my daughter…?” She dragged me by my shirt. Her husband rushed at his daughter.  The guard carried Cynthia to the car and we all went to the hospital. Cynthia didnt make it,  what a tragedy. Beauty passed on, bosom went six feet under. What a worthless life she led. I had commited a crime of passion.

Hmmmn … That  was the beginning of my end. No one could convince them I didn’t murder Cynthia. Everything worked against me. I couldn’t even convince my self.  How would I face my wife? I had nothing compared to them in wealth, I was on the fast lane to jail. I got a death sentence and awaited my turn for execution. Rita was devastated. The event was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Rita really tried to help me but I was all determined to destroy myself with my wayward lifestyle. Jide managed to visit me three times after which I saw him  no more.  Rita cried all she could, but for a reason I could not understand, she never insulted or abused me. Even my family deserted me. The only statement made by my wife was that God would deal with me and she would never cease to pray for me. I feared she would suffer depression.   I had several dreams, visions and finally the Lord reached out to me in my lowly and dark state. My wife gave me a Bible which I read through. I saw the light of the Lord. He never gave up on me and I became born again.  I led several inmates to Jesus and I became an Apostle in the prison. Everyone respected a soon to be executed criminal.

One night,   I slept and had a vision. I saw an Angel who came to my cell,  broke my chains and led me out. Suddenly I woke up  and realized it was all a dream. That night I did exactly what Paul and Silas did in the Bible while they were in the prison. I praised Him like I had never… Three days later, it all happened that my case was revisited and I was called upon. Apparently, someone witnessed what happened  (the guard). He couldn’t deal with the guilt any longer. He kept quiet out of fear but after he got the touch from God, He took the evidence to the right quarters and I,eventually, was set free.

There she was…As pretty as ever. She had with her our son, whom I  beheld for the first time. She had not moved on. She still loved me. She hoped for a miracle and she got a miracle. I was delivered from my passion for strange bosoms. I took delight in my own, my Rita.  No other one crossed my mind. I buried myself deep in it that I could never see another let alone be drawn in desire , lustful desire to another bosom. Ultimately the bosom of Jesus became my dwelling place.  I heard nothing of Jide. But my wife testified to the fact that Jide got born again, got married and travelled out of the country with His wife. He left me note that Rita failed to deliver to me. He told me how guilty he felt and how he could never face me. He apologised and encouraged me to give my life to Christ even while awaiting execution. What a life….Jide afterall,  got born again.  I was the scapegoat! Who helped him? That,  he would answer the day we see again.

What an example of a rare breed of woman. Who can find a virtuous woman? Indeed her price is far above rubies…..Rita is a rare kind of wife. My life is a huge recount of a mess turned message. Glory to God Almighty! The End.

[What is your problem? Is it your spouse? An addiction? JESUS IS BIGGER THAN IT! LAY IT OUT AT HIS FEET. SELAH..]


Copy right: Bukky Adediran 2017



Choose to live. Always remind yourself of this …that someone’s got a worse story, someone’s got a bigger problem, someone out there wish they were you and someone out there looks up to you. Don’t give up on life. No matter what, try to enjoy what you have, hoping that heaven will smile on you.

Please be encouraged. All that glitters isn’t gold. You have got to learn to take things easy. Be calm, look unto Jesus, HE LOVES YOU WITH A BOUNDLESS LOVE. Put on a smile and do make a decision to live happy, no matter what.

Jesus loves you!

Bukky Adediran

The Pain of Love

One of my short stories… images-6

Ade and I were lovers in high school. We didn’t talk much in the view of others, we tried to hide it from our friends, but some how they  new something was happening. I didn’t have anything other than the basic things in life. Even some of the most basic items, I lacked but it was not a problem with Ade. Ade came from a very wealthy home but I refrained from taking things from him. He wanted to give me anything I needed but I felt it was out of place to take things from a school mate like my self.  I didn’t encourage it so Ade limited it just to my birthdates.

I loved reading, he loved reading as well. We agreed on so many things. I wanted to study Medicine and he wanted to study Law.  We worked hard  at at passing our SSCE examinations and we came out in flying colours. It was time to go to higher institution…whao.. We were both excited. Luckily, we got admitted in to the same Higher Institution. Note that by this time our parents were already aware of the chemistry between the two of us. While my parents respected my decision regarding Ade, his parents didn’t regard his intention  to marry me. They were totally against his decision. We had grown to love each other deeply. We never got intimate, it  was a decent and pure love relationship. Ade and I often discussed the issue and also prayed that His parents change their minds but things grew worse. Hmnn…

All through his years on campus, we stayed faithful to each other, of course we had several disagreements but not to the extent that we ever thought to break up at any point. We were seriously in love. To cut a long story short,  when it was time for us to settle down in a marital relationship,  his parents still stood vehemently against the union. Ade thought of eloping with me but I insisted we would never do that. Their reasons were based on social status and more. Sadly we had to end several years of relationship. It was indeed painful and we were both terribly affected. However we needed to move on…

Ade couldn’t bear it, he relocated to another country just so he could get over me and I carried on with my life and profession. Note I was still a virgin and  I believed Ade was still a Virgin too.  We vowed to wait for each other. #Parents…( hmmmm… Sometimes it’s unfair how they mislead their children unknowingly just because of selfishness and pride.) No man appealed to me. I couldn’t speak for Ade but I knew he wasn’t doing too well. He tried to contact me but I blocked all means of communication because it was like toture to me. I didn’t need it at all. Six months down the line, I got a call from  an unknown number. Lo and behold it was Adesanya’s father, my heart skipped. “Why would this man want to see me urgently”, I said to myself.

I went that weekend to see him. It wasn’t a pleasant news. Ade had been involved in a car crash and his life was on  the line. I wept bitterly. I felt pained. “How did it happen.?” I asked amidst tears but the old man couldn’t say anything. His wife had already gone ahead but Ade requested my presence to see me for the last time incase he died. Just like that the man who fought tooth and nail to stop me from marrying his son filed for a USA visa application for me and just like that in a matter of weeks I was on my way to Los Angeles, Carlifonia.

To again cut it short, I met my Ade and could barely recognise him. Ade had suffered minor spinal cord injuries and there were lots of complications and as a doctor I knew what was on ground.  Our worst fear was if Ade would ever father a child because they ran several tests which revealed certain hidden health issues. Despite the state of things, I didn’t lose hope, I prayed nights and days, I believed for the love of my life… To the Glory of God he got a bit better and could finally speak well but couldn’t walk and was bed ridden few weeks after my arrival.

I was planning to return to base.., Ade begged me to stay back. I told him I needed to go and would be back to check on him. At that point, he brought out a beautiful gold ring,  took my left hand and in the midst of tears he said…”OreOluwa, will you please marry me?” I withdrew my hand from his hands quickly, tears rolling  down my cheek… I shook my head and said “Ade please stop this…this is not the time for this” I was still speaking when his parents walked into his room in the hospital and right there and then, having observed what was happening, the mother went down on her knees begging me to say yes to their son. The same son they never wanted me to marry, they treated me like garbage. They despised me and my parents but now they want me to carry this cross for them, with several uncertainties… I was lost for words… His father kept quiet all through.

Well what do you think? Should I say yes to Adesanya? My first and only love. I didn’t give them any answer but I whispered to Adesanya’s ear…”I will be back my love”. I left for the airport and straight to base. My parents were shocked at everything thing that happened. Guess what? They refused and said they would never allow me to carry such liability. I prayed, I cried, I waited on God and when I got a clear  sense of direction, I made my mind up. My parents couldn’t stop me, as usual they respected and gave their blessings.

I kept in touch with Ade. I went back to the USA, Ade and I got married right there in the hospital. He exchanged vows with me on his hospital bed in serious pains. It was tough. This cross was heavy but I carried it for love.. He had surgeries and after several months on admission he was discharged.  To the Glory of God Ade healed up speedily… Five years down  the line it was total history what we both had been through.  Fifteen years down the line we had a set of twins… The Lord turned our mess in to a great message.

For Ade and I it’s  been a rare kind of love. Still in love, living totally for Jesus. He did it all. Who says no when God says yes? HIS WORDS ARE LAW.

THE THINGS THAT ARE IMPOSSIBLE WITH MEN ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD.  Ade can walk and he is a father despite all odds. I am His wife,  we rose above the storms, God’s grace pulled us through and here we are today giving thanks. Glory be to God Almighty. Jesus is Lord forever…

Copyright  Olubukola Adediran 2017. (FICTION.)

Image courtesy of Danny World.

So it was!

December December December! Thank God for year 2016, gradually rolling away. Just like yesterday,  we said a happy new year to one another. Hmnn… Ni to ripe Oluwa Seun,  aanu re si duro … Awayo ninu re, Olugbala araye. Kaaaabiesi…..

I remember when I was much younger, we lived in a neighbourhood where we practically celebrated Christmas and New Year together. Food was not a problem at all because as soon as day breaks, you start to hear “ko ko ko” Knocks on the door, and when you open, you are faced with a tray, lool… Pick your own. Food don land. That was it. I remember vividly my mum would have pounded yam as early as 7am and my sisters and I would carry trays of pounded yam round the neighbourhood… with efo oshiki and chicken stew … khai!

Good old days. It didn’t matter who didn’t have enough. At the end of the day there was more than enough food and drinks for each household because people shared. That brings me to the purpose of this post. The story is so different now. We do not see much of such togetherness and love feast around these days. In those days, you didn’t even have to be so close, Jesus was strong enough reason to share.

Therefore please look out for someone to share with this year. Don’t only wait to receive, but plan to give. No matter how little, the main message there is love. God created us not to live alone but interact and share things, even food with one another. Hallelujah!  I am definitely going to bring back those days in my neighbourhood. We will enjoy Christmas and New Year celebrations together. By His special Grace. Amen.

One Love!


This afternoon, I drove past 4 little children trekking home from school. I looked at them and I said, “Great Children”. I meant that from the bottom of my heart. These children didn’t look attractive in anyway. You know what that means. They are beautiful boys and girls but with dust on their feet from trekking, sweat on their faces because of the sun and they looked tired, of course.

However, their present situation doesn’t determine their future in life. Their predicaments today is not an indication of the plans God has for them. As a matter of fact, any of those children I saw could be a major world leader in the nearest years to come.

God makes something great out of nothing. He uses the weak things of the world to confound the strong, that’s  what my Bible tells me. Everyone is special to God. HE loves humanity so dearly. We are HIS works; HIS creation.

Therefore, the next time you think of looking down on anyone, think of how God feels aboutthem. A baby girl who was dumped to die in the garbage, who got rescued, could be the wife of a president or better still a nation’s president as well.

Everyone reserves the right to be treated fairly and well. Today sometimes is not a reflection of people’s future. God is watching.




Thanks for reading.

How will I bless you my child?


☆☆☆Text: 1Thessalonians 3: 9-10 (9●We certainly had the right to ask you to feed us, but we wanted to give you an example to follow. 10●Even while we were with you, we gave you this command: “Those unwilling to work will not get to eat.”)

We live in a world where  people want to wake up and find solutions to all of their challenges without lifting a finger. No! God didn’t design the world like that, neither did HE create us to function that way. That way of life is absolutely contrary to the concept of life and living.

Deuteronomy 28:12 and Psalm 90:17 both says that The Lord God will bless and establish the works of our hands. So if we refuse to work, what will God bless.

The world is moving, it’s not static. Why should we be static? Why must we remain stagnant? We need to keep making good efforts at succeeding.  Some of us need to step out of our comfort zones, we need to realise that life is more than being a burden on others who are really working hard at making it in life. We need to strategize, read, prayerful come up with concepts,  develop them and work things out.

When you walk in the light of the Lord and you add productivity to your lifestyle, you are simple telling God that you are ready for blessing and you are ready to be useful. God doesn’t waste His resources on people who are not ready to help useful to themselves, humanity/God.

You are yelling everyday in prayer, “God bless me, enlarge my territory…. ” But God looks at you and He’s wondering… “How will I bless you my son? What are you doing? Where is the territory that is due for divine enlargement? ”

God is asking someone this question today.  Get up and get going…. There is work to do. These also we must teach our children.


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God bless you.