Something Is Wrong With Everyone!


It was a usual gathering of ladies that morning, I was there and a lady walked in and sat amongst us looking morose. Others didn’t notice but I did. I questioned her. She tried to hide her feelings but it was too obvious she was burnung inside. So I said..”Sis can we talk? All you need is to vent and you’ll be fine.

But before I had a private talk with her, I chipped in something for everyone in that gathering and most importantly to the lady. I said to her ..”SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH EVERYBODY” and they all looked at me wondering g what I meant. Some who quickly got the message burst out laughing that yes sis, you’re quite right…”something is wrong  me”.

I  gave her two or three reasons why I could look worse than she looked but I chose to be happy and to carry on with a beautiful countenance like nothing was a  wrong me that morning. SHE LOOKED AT ME AND SMILED… Yeah I got her…

The truth is everyone has something to deal with at any point in time. Something is definitely wrong with everyone. If we go on wearing all our worries in her faces, the world would be filled with sad and boring people. That helps no one. We must learn to carry ourselves in such an appealing way even if things aren’t going on well. If it’s so bad , we can find people to vent to, hence we will be  free from unnecessary tension. Tension,  pressure,  worries solve nothing but only add to the issues we have.

Now to this beautiful lady’s issue, we actually had a talk and guess what  the issue was a none issue, honestly. It wasn’t too bad. She got relived after we spoke. But I was able to pass a message across to her, myself and other ladies that morning. And now to you my lovely friends,  we must learn to carry ourselves gracefully, beautifully and courageously without allowing issues of life weigh us down unnecessarily. Learn to mange your emotions at all times. You can. HAVE FAITH IN GOD AND BE GOOD. YOU WILL BE JUST FINE.

Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “Something Is Wrong With Everyone!

  1. I love your philosophy in this. We all have troubles but sometimes they’re no trouble at all to someone who might have worse troubles. That being the case, we must live gratefully. Thank you for this insightful share

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