So it was!

December December December! Thank God for year 2016, gradually rolling away. Just like yesterday,  we said a happy new year to one another. Hmnn… Ni to ripe Oluwa Seun,  aanu re si duro … Awayo ninu re, Olugbala araye. Kaaaabiesi…..

I remember when I was much younger, we lived in a neighbourhood where we practically celebrated Christmas and New Year together. Food was not a problem at all because as soon as day breaks, you start to hear “ko ko ko” Knocks on the door, and when you open, you are faced with a tray, lool… Pick your own. Food don land. That was it. I remember vividly my mum would have pounded yam as early as 7am and my sisters and I would carry trays of pounded yam round the neighbourhood… with efo oshiki and chicken stew … khai!

Good old days. It didn’t matter who didn’t have enough. At the end of the day there was more than enough food and drinks for each household because people shared. That brings me to the purpose of this post. The story is so different now. We do not see much of such togetherness and love feast around these days. In those days, you didn’t even have to be so close, Jesus was strong enough reason to share.

Therefore please look out for someone to share with this year. Don’t only wait to receive, but plan to give. No matter how little, the main message there is love. God created us not to live alone but interact and share things, even food with one another. Hallelujah!  I am definitely going to bring back those days in my neighbourhood. We will enjoy Christmas and New Year celebrations together. By His special Grace. Amen.

One Love!


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