Don’t lose your praise!


Exhortation for today!
Here is a word for you today. No matter what the devil throws at you, no matter what happens around you, no matter what the frustrations are and how people try to get in your way to work against you, please don’t lose your praise.

I want you to leave the realm of only THANKSGIVING and enter right in the spirit of HIGH PRAISE!

Recently, a man of God said in the course of his ministration that many Christians engage only in thanksgiving and neglect the aspect of praising God. He said “Thanksgiving is the act of giving thanks and showing appreciation for what God has done while Praising God means thanking God no matter what the situation is.”

So, praising God means thanking God ahead and for who He is but not for what He’s done alone. This is so true people.

This week, I had back to back issues. So terrifying but I didn’t lose my praise. I kept blessing Him in spite of all the challenges. Just yesterday I started to ponder on the joy of the Holy Ghost in me despite having had a very rough week and I was so pleased within me. The Lord is good and He is so sweet to have.

So your praise should not be tied to physical and ephemeral things. SITUATION CHANGES BUT GOD NEVER DOES. HE IS A CONSTANT GOD, THE SAME YESTERDAY TODAY AND FOREVERMORE. Therefore, for you to be stable you must consistently worship God as the Bible gives only one criterion to praising God.. It is the breath of life.


Don’t lose your praise, God is there for what ever you need. He knows your name and will see you through always, always. God bless you all.


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