My pot of stew

This morning I made a small pot of plain stew. No meat,  no fish,  no shrimps, etc except a little salt, maggie and vegetable oil. 

I tasted it and it was really tasty. I was like… Whao….😀😄 This is even tastier than some stews I laded with extra spices,  fish,  meat and other yummy ingredients. So, the message dropped. The Holy Spirit dropped it immediately. 

It is not about the ingredients,  it is all about the heart, it’s all about the spirit. It’s not about the make up on our faces or plain faces with no make ups,  it’s not about the figures or the shapes, it’s not about the appearances we make,  not about the so called good impressions we try to create. No!

The Spirit is all that matters.  The heart with which  everything is done.  God told Prophet Samuel in 1st Samuel 16:7 “while the people judge outward appearance, He the Lord looks at the HEART. “


A woman’s heart makes her truly beautiful. Not the figure, shape, or make up. A person’s heart defines his /her deeds. (God reveals things to His own children so we can discern things,  we can tell the spirit behind certain actions) The extras are truly beautiful when the heart is right. It’s just like icing on the cake. The cake is delicious.

Don’t hold back because you can’t give as much as you would like to,  always remember the story of the widows mite… Even though it seems  little, God recognizes every act of kindness that stems from a good heart. And the reward is usually unimaginable.  It’s never in the smallness or the bigness of your contributions to humanity or to the things of God, your is all that heart matters. 

THE HEART SANCTIFIES THE ACT!  NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND. Guard your heart… Thanks for reading. 

Bukky Praiz.


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