From where comest thou?

And they said…”how could this be? For we know where this man comes from.” (John 7:27) In the previous verse, they said among themselves could our leaders possibly believe He is the MESSIAH?

Lol…. Confusion in the camp of the enemies. …sometimes you just laugh… laugh at the devil and his cohorts. However, this post doesn’t address them…Nah! Not today…

This post addresses you and I. Think outside the box. WHERE YOU ARE NOW CAN NOT BE COMPARED TO WHERE GOD IS TAKING YOU! Do not let your present situations or predicaments limit you or affect your mentality. Think big, walk tall, it is all a part of the process, move on, you are on your way to fulfilling purpose.

The Prince of Peace, our Lord Jesus Christ was born in the manger under certain uncomfortable circumstances. And some, who thought they knew Him said He could never be the Messiah beacuse they knew where He was coming from… hahahaha…

The future God has for you and your children is nothing to compare with what you are seeing right now. You may not have a car now but you will give out cars tomorrow(brand new). You may not be able to feed your family now but you will feed thousands of people tomorrow. I do not know what your present sitution is but one thing is for sure, God is taking you up from the miry clay to put your feet on the rock to stand… Yes sir! Yes ma! Just walk with God; work with God.
#workwithGod #walkwithGod #thinkoutsidethebox #lookbeyondnow #Youaregoingsomewhere

(I prophesy to a teenage girl in your home right now…you may not have those particular colours or paints you need for your art work right now… hehehehe…But tomorrow, your life will be more colourful than those colours or painting in Jesus’ name) Take that and move… yeah…

So, the same thing that happened to Jesus in that Bible verse would be said of someone tomorrow, in the the nearest would be said to you….. “Is that Tayo? Is that Grace? Is that Titi? Noooo please tell me it’s not true, is that Segun? That can’t be Rita… I know her very well now… no no no…. hahahah”

Yes yes yes it would still be you… But story don change… hehehe
Hallelujah. Go with this spirit this morning. God is able to do just what He says He will do. He will fulfil every promise He has made to you … But don’t give up on God… He will never give up on you. HE IS ABLE!

Bukky Praiz.


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