For the upcoming ministers of God amongst us…


Ministry is all about projecting God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Ministry is all about soul winning and helping people stay on course and not losing their faith in God till the very end.

Ministry is all about HUMILITY! Amongst the disciples of Jesus Christ, it is evident through the scriptures that it was difficult for people to tell who Jesus was. They called Him different names. e.g John the Baptist etc..The Bible records that He even told His disciples not to reveal who He was. (Mark 8:30) At the end Jesus had to be sold out by Judas Iscariot. ..he betrayed Jesus with a kiss…

People including little children had access to Jesus Christ. He was an embodiment of love, He was the Messiah yet was very humble.

Why am I addressing young and up coming ministers this morning? The Holy Ghost prompted me to doing this and I know it is for a purpose. Follow me carefully please. While it may be too late for some of our popular and great ministers of God, God in His infinite mercy is trying to prevent you as an upcoming and young minister from going the way they have gone and still going.

Ministry is about God and not you. Do not appropriate the glory that belongs to God to yourself. Do not become so proud that you ignore the people God has called you to reach out to. Be accessible. .. Be reachable. .. Do not build a huge fence between you and humanity… Show love… Respect people… Take care of your disciples…. Jesus took care of His… The Bible says looking unto Jesus the author and the finisher of your faith… Copy Jesus not your Pastor…

Do not go about revealing yourself every where. Let people know you by your fruits and always give the Glory to God. The ministry God is calling you to or has already called you into is to project Jesus, it is a part of the work of redemption. If you do it right your reward is both here and in Heaven.

I had a vision recently and God showed me how some ministers have become proud and have missed it totally. He said to me, “Don’t be like that!”

Ministry is not about you becoming a celebrity. …Even though, the world will celebrate you, do not let it enter your head. The Bible says “give honour to whom honour is due”. People will honour you, there is nothing wrong with that but do not get distrcated. Jesus is the celebrity here! Be ye warned! SELAH. …


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