This morning my children ran to me and told me the television was not coming up but there was light. I could see there was light and I  wondered why that was. So I went to the mains and realized that there was a disconnect. The inverter through which electricy supply went to that area was unplugged. I simply connected the plug and the television came up. “Yeah” They said in excitement. Lol.

As I walked away from that scene, the Holy Spirit said to me. “THE POWER IS AVAILABLE … ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS CONNECT!” Hmmn…. I took that in immediately.

I am passing this on to someone right now.You  need to get connected, God’s power is available.



When we understand the concept of connection and staying in tune with our source, we run things effortlessly. The work becomes easier. There’s no need to struggle any more, simply because we are rightly connected. God’s Grace is available,  His Power is available to us but we need to plug in… Hallelujah! Please share this with someone today. God bless you.

Bukky Praiz.

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