Can I tell you my secret?

Certain things happen in peoples lives that they do not like. People struggle with issues, sins and they just can’t help themselves. With some people, they can’t just deal with the fact that they dissapointed them selves. It’s so awful to think they actually lost their strength and gave in to sin. For some, they haven’t done it yet, but if due caution is not taken, they are on their way to doing something they may regret for the rest of their lives. This could be anything that is indecent and very bad…. e.g addiction of any form…

One of the ways a person can help himself/herself is by sharing the issues with someone; with a fellow Christian.  James 5:16 says…”CONFESS  your SINS to EACH OTHER and PRAY for each other so that YOU may be HEALED…”

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However can I tell you a secret? Can I share my predicaments with you? Can I tell you I committed a sin or I am about to commit a sin?

What will you do after I have sought your help or confided in you as a Christian sister/brother? Will you take advantage of me and make my story the newest headlines in town? Will I end up healed or totally crushed and lost forever by seeking support from you?

Hey! This is what people do! They start like… Hey…have you heard? I  am not gosipping oh…. I am only saying so that we pray for her…. hmnnn… can you believe xxx told me she did or was about to sososo… she said she needed someone to share and pray with… hmnnn I prayed with her oooo but hmmmm… Only God knows those who are His ooo o my sister…. ” LOL. .That’s a scenario. … But does it stop there? Sometimes no. .. it goes on and on till the situation gets out of hand… The person involved ends up dissapointed, shattered and most times isolated.

Why am I sharing this. I am sharing because no one is a saint… We make mistakes, get into funny situations and then,  we just need someone reliable, mature and godly to speak with about our problems. A problem shared is a problem half solved. In the process we gain counsel, we get bolder and stronger. We overcome the challenges and get totally healed. God wants us to put ourselves in  the position where we can help one another. It’s important.

We must be very careful and sensitive about the kind of people we talk to. Not everyone is mature enough to keep secrets and confessions. .. At times neutral and distant people are far better than close friends or family who will later mock or use the situations against people involved.

May God help us all sincerely.  That’s my prayer for myself and for you.Let’s watch out for one another and not do the other way round… SELAH….



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