The Two-Rs..

imagesThis morning as I was getting ready to go out, I thought and said to myself…”I SHOULDN’T TALK ABOUT RIGHTS IF I DO NOT PAY DUE ATTENTION TO MY RESPONSIBILITIES! ” I have been  pondering on that in my mind since it dropped. And I  said I would share this with someone today.

We live in a society and among people who know very well what their rights are but fail to identify, understand and perform their responsibilities. They rather undermine their responsibilities. We all have roles to play and only when we have paid due attention to our roles and have fulfilled them, can we talk about rights.

You have no business discussing your rights if you are irresponsible… A citizen of any country has rights. Rights such as freedom to associate, speech, worship etc but if he has been found guilty of any criminal offence and imprisoned, would he have rights to declare? No….

Same thing applies to every individual. ..In our neighbourhood, places of work, places of worship, families, homes, schools, in fact everywhere… as citizens of a nation, we have responsibilities to fulfil.. If we do not take care of our responsibilities, we should not demand rights. It is only selfish to do so.

The TWO-Rs… RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES! Don’t talk about your rights alone…Don’t brag about rights alone… Be responsible! That I said to myself this morning. Thanks for reading and please feel free to share.

Bukky Praiz.

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