Good in Bad!(Vice Versa)

A couple of days ago, I had a short meeting with a very dear friend, whom I consider a brother. In the course of our discussion, he made certain statements that really got me and I told him..”I’m gonna share these statements.


And here is one of the statements he made…He said to me…”Bukky..There’s no absolutely good or bad person; no situation in life is entirely perfect or imperfect; nothing is entirely good or bad.” W HAO!

He further said that in that person, situation or thing that seems so bad is something special and good. You just have to patiently work things out so that YOU CAN DISCOVER THE HIDDEN TREASURE IN SOMETHING, SOMEONE OR A SITUATION THAT’S SEEMINGLY ABSOLUTELY BAD! HMMMM!

On the flip side as well, nothing is entirely GOOD EXCEPT GOD! No situation, person or thing is absolutely perfect. In factWhen everything seems so perfect and extremely good one must BE VERY SENSITIVE AND CAREFUL. WHY? SIMPLE BECAUSE IN A SITUATION, THING OR PERSON THAT SEEMS ENTIRELY GOOD MIGHT HAVE ELEMENTS OF DISASTER OR SOMETHING BAD. People have suffered sudden and huge losses when things seemed so good and perfect.


So you and I must be sensitive. Don’t be too quick to write things off and don’t get too comfortable with good things or good people or seemingly good situations …Watch and pray! SELAH…If this has blessed you, kindly share with someone. God bless you.

Bukky Praiz.




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